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Chinese stainless steel plate in the international market

Data: 2012-08-16

From a market point of view of the stainless steel coil, flat, and color plates, the major markets of the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia.

Middle East countries like Dubai, Kuwait, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Yemen and other countries, demand for stainless steel sheet is very large, especially in Dubai, as a trade center for the entire Middle East, gathered a large number of buyers. traders, contractors. Its national bankruptcy by the financial crisis in 2008, resulting in a large number of real estate to be on schedule, but in the second half of 10-year recovery in the economy as a whole, Europe and the United States a large number of hot money inflows, Dubai real estate industry into a spurt of development, a large number of construction works need to use stainless steel. Construction interior decoration, construction elevator, outdoor decoration, and so on. Itself, the Middle East countries prefer metal decoration materials, go to the Middle East, South America and other places according to our company in April with the foreign trade and economic study to understand a large part of the construction of the entire Dubai by the panels as decoration materials. More exotic local washing liquid of a specialized cleaning sheet, sprayed on the stainless steel sheet, through the rain and natural look, but also do not fade. This is also the local decorative materials market began to form a sign. According to to Jie affluent foreign trade, in the Middle East, several orders are used in some of the local municipal works, the profit is considerable.

Other South American markets like Brazil, Cuba, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Peru and other countries, demand for stainless steel sheet is very large, including Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina are the most important market. The entire South American countries, Uruguay, as a trading station, a large part of the trade through the Uruguay operation and trade between member countries without complex procedures to provide a great convenience for our exports. Brazil 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games will be directly brought about the rise of the stainless steel construction of more than 3,000 star hotel, 30 percent housing redevelopment, 32 stadiums and a large number of construction projects: such as: airports, highways, ports transport hub and so requires a lot of stainless steel products. More importantly, the growth of the Brazilian government in order to protect local Stainless Steel businesses (enterprises) pipe, from early May this year to raise tax rates, import of stainless steel pipe to protect the development of local industries, making the stainless steel raw materials, pipe fabrication machinery and other industrial significantly increased demand. With our own South American markets is emerging markets, like a virgin land, the traditional ideas and methods are difficult to open its market, the entire size of the market is quite large.

The entire stainless steel foreign markets, we still have a traditional market, it is Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia, the local itself has a lot of Chinese (including Taiwanese) and set up factories in its market is relatively mature, but as the adjacent soil, a lot of time or a certain market potential. Of course, the whole of Southeast Asia due to the economic level as well as market factors, its profit is relatively lower. Three England Branch of the logistics center of a stainless steel business owners, many of the local stainless steel products, materials are the two materials, even a material made of, but their products may only be equivalent to the three material made of stainless steel products. The reason is that the products of Chinese enterprises on the technical requirements, technical bias float range is very small, slightly improper operation may result in product scrap, which is caused by the opportunistic character of Chinese people. It is precisely because such a situation, the price is to become a very big advantage is still very popular product in the local.

The reason for the slump of the stainless steel industry is mainly affected by the impact of real estate and the RMB exchange rate. Chinese stainless steel mills are facing a very severe test.

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