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The development trend of China's spiral welded pipe varieties

Data: 2014-08-12

China's industrialization and urbanization process, energy consumption, demand, oil and gas exploration and development with the deepening of our oil and gas pipeline construction climax. Spiral welded pipe plant species also play a dominant role in the distribution network construction households, after long pipeline is completed, in order to quickly obtain benefits, require further construction Chengshiguanwang must ask.

2020, the city of sentence door about 250 million new people, in addition to the new network, updating old city gas pipe Yang 400-500 one hundred million yuan of investment involved in the current national planning cities more than 400 natural gas utilization, from the experience of other countries shows that the length of the trachea than the urban distribution network and long-distance pipeline, the United States was 75.5%: 24.5%, France was 83.36%; 16.64%, the former Soviet Union was 85.9%: 14.1 field. Australia was 82.7%: 17.3%. According to the domestic construction experience, the projected length ratio between 87.5%: 12.5%​​, nuclear 15 years if long distance gas pipeline construction for 50,000 km, the distribution network (mesh part) of length 350 000 km. Take domestic city gas pipeline network (mesh part) steel weight of 40 tons / km meter. Need about 14 million tons in 2020, a year needed to build steel pipe about 90 tons, of which a considerable part of the Friends of spiral welded pipe.

Based on years of experience in oil and gas pipeline construction, and in the analysis of the case of international pipeline construction and China's national conditions, to determine the long-distance oil and gas pipelines in the spiral welded pipe (ssAw) and LSAW pipe (LsAw) uses the same technology route, this greatly contributed to our coil, wire and flux as well as the development of production processes and equipment. At present, China has been able to produce 1219 coffee diameter, wall thickness of 18.4mm, steel grade x80 spiral seam submerged arc bombing, product quality, and some production lines (CNPC, Sinopec-owned company) has been a leading equipment levels, spiral welded pipe production quantities enter the international market.

Since 2000, China's new oil and gas pipelines on thousands of meters, focusing on building a natural gas line, second Shaanxi-Beijing, Wuhan pipeline, astringent ninglam pipelines, gas pipelines and other East Gas Transmission line, blue Chengyu, double blue line Southwest refined oil pipeline and the PRD refined oil pipelines, as well as under construction in the Second West-East and Central Asia pipeline.

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