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The development status of China's stainless steel pipe welding machine industry

Data: 2014-08-12

1, the pipe industry concentration is low Due to historical reasons and specific national condition of our country, the pipe industry in local private investment, so relatively early in all of the steel industry in the market economy, China welded pipe industry in addition to oil pipe manufacturer relative concentration is relatively high, in recent years in Hebei, Tianjin and other places spontaneously formed some regional enterprise group, typical with its steel, Youcheng Galvanized Steel Pipe Co. Ltd., Tianjin Feng Qi Group Co., Ltd., Hengshui JINGWAH group, these relatively large private pipe group, basic it is through its own expansion and form, also belong to the low-level group. As industry competition intensifies, China welded pipe industry concentration in enhancing.

Industry concentration improve key to restructure merge in the framework for regulating the market. Industry concentration improve results in the formation of a batch of modern enterprise group at the same time, according to the specialized division of labor within the industry, but also retains many small specialized pipe making enterprises or processing enterprises, these small businesses to large enterprises as the core to form various types of enterprise.

2, welded and seamless steel pipe business separate into individual steel enterprises, is China's steel industry a major feature The United States and Europe on the steel pipe seamless and welded pipe production enterprises generally have two categories of products, and the steel tube is mainly domestic seamless plant itself is with iron and steel making large and medium-sized iron and steel enterprises, steel pipe factory is finished or semi-finished products processing factory. Welded tube factory as raw material constraints, its development had to be restrained from steel seamless steel tube plant, but because of the lack of welded pipe products, also affect the integrity of the whole tube series products, so China's steel industry development for a long time, in fact is seamless and welded pipe independent development, is taking a leg development road.

Why China welded pipe industry concentration is not high welded pipe seamless steel tube industry, enterprise strength than seamless steel pipe business? The main reason is the larger investment seamless steel tube plant, construction and renovation to the country investment. While the construction of welded pipe enterprises with folk investment, private capital is far from the state capital. After 80 years of the last century since the recovery of the national economy, increased demand for steel pipe, and pipe equipment investment is relatively small, making many local and township enterprises joining pipe industry, some big steel mills such as steel, Panzhihua Iron and steel, Hefei Steel Corp, in order to solve the employment of children also have launched item, make China welded pipe industry quickly expand, accelerate the welded pipe seamless with separation and competition. Steel pipe and seamless linking enterprise to separate, not a wise move, although the two manufacturing process differs very far, but the material and product use in most cases is the same, so the best large steel enterprises is seamless and welded pipe both, integrated and coordinated so that we can make better use of various resources of the enterprise, comprehensive development for product. Operation. The early Hengyang steel pipe factory do better in this regard, Bao Steel, Tianjin steel tube now began to change the structure of production of a single seamless steel pipe products, which brings a new start for the comprehensive development of China's steel industry.

3, how to effectively curb China welded pipe industry low level repeated construction
Low level repeated construction has long been a headache for the healthy development of China welded pipe industry. In order to effectively curb China welded pipe industry low-level repeat construction, rely on market behavior is not enough, but also must have a unified plan certain administrative means. The administrative department of economy and the government must try to strengthen the supervision of the industry, to lead the industry to establish the necessary rules, the establishment of industry access system, eliminate backward production capacity, ban illegal backward enterprises without production license and is not up to the standards of the industry. As the enterprise itself to implement industry self-discipline, strengthen business ethics, the establishment of a fair and orderly market competition.

4, special oil welded steel pipe ≠ China welded pipe industry Special oil pipe is a steel pipe industry highlight is the hotspot in recent years and the development of the industry highlights, the media reported a lot of oil pipe, and for other species use welded pipe is seldom reported, so that a pipe or steel pipe is the "oil" tube.
The formation of another important reason for this misunderstanding and bias is the industry the lack of other uses of communication pipe. For a long time, welded pipe production enterprises in our country use products distinguish belonging to different system and management of department, such as oil and gas pipeline to the oil, Sinopec, CNOOC pipe making enterprises, building structure of tube to the Ministry of construction and the Ministry of metallurgical industry owned enterprises, formerly the Ministry of light industry tube for bicycle, furniture, home appliances, sports equipment, beverage (Ministry of light industry after the withdrawal still self system), the production of various uses of welded pipe enterprises have different professional associations and society, their academic and technical information exchange and lack of communication and understanding each other.

Therefore, only to break the prejudice, breaking every division, broaden their horizons, expand the variety of products in the industry of communication, in order to prevent and overcome some of the industry's only one-sided understanding, special oil part of welded steel pipe can represent or reflect China steel pipe industry history and current situation, but it does not mean the China steel pipe industry.

5, study the steel industry to get in touch with the whole pipe industry, to re understand and examine the status of steel tube and pipe in the pipe industry. With the rapid development of welding machine industry for nearly 10 years, China's iron pipe, composite pipe, plastic pipe in development. China has already become a

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